Student Testimonials

I like to go to St. Catharine of Siena because it is a very educated place. It teaches about the love of God. It has fun things to do every day. Sometimes the teachers make subjects fun.” – Christian Nguyen – 3rd Grade

I enjoy going to St. Catharine of Siena because the teachers are very nice and fun, but we all learn things. Our special classes are very fun. We have great teachers for those programs, too.” – Delaney Doran – 5th Grade

I like St. Catharine’s because we learn about Jesus. I love my teachers and all friends. I like to do Math and color. I like going to daisies. Our school helps people who don’t have alot.” – Julianna Reto – Kindergarten

I like doing homework and making friends.” – Jennifer Beaver – Kindergarten

I love my teachers and helpers, they are very kind. School is fun. I like learning my numbers and letters. I like learning about Jesus.” – Thomas Spatz – Pre-K

I like my school because we pray and learn about Jesus and his followers every day. We pray in the morning, before and after lunch, and at the end of the day. We have really good teachers who help us become good Christians.” – Emma Fries – 6th Grade

I like going to St. Catharine’s because the teachers are so nice and I like my friends.” – Isabel Fries – 4th Grade

I like SCS because we learn about Jesus, and the teachers are really nice.” – Eliza Fries – 2nd Grade

I like my school because my teachers are nice.” Abbee Fries – Kindergarten

I have really, really, really, really good friends! I love my teachers! I love the Sisters!” – Mia Wright – 1st Grade

I like St. Catharine of Siena School because there are nice teachers. The also make good lunches.” – Emma Boyle – 1st Grade

I enjoy St. Catharine’s School because of the people. I love that every teacher and staff member knows every student by name! The teachers are great and make learning fun. And Sister Teresa rocks! She really cares about each of us like we were “her” kids. I like being taught the Catholic values and how to use them daily. It makes me smile. No matter what your ability, size, or status we are all equal here at SCS. I like attending mass, singing in the choir, playing the bells and being able to participate in sports. And the activities the HSO has during the year are so cool. I would never want to go to another school – well except Central.” – Natalie Mills – 5th Grade

My years at St. Catharine’s have helped me become a better person. It is reflected in my school work, sports, at home, and in my spiritual life with God. SCS has provided a loving and safe environment to help us learn easier. I have also been taught great study skills which I will use in high school. Lastly I have built special friendships that will last a lifetime.” – Morgan Kolakowski – 8th Grade

I love how St. Catharine’s is like a big team. Everyone is always looking out for one another and striving to succeed individually, as a class, and as a school. But the best part of St. Catharine’s is being comfortable enough to ask any questions I have whether they regard religion, academics, or social life. I know my teachers could answer them.” – Julia Dimmerling – 8th Grade

Attending St. Catharine of Siena School is an experience I will always remember and be grateful for. The caring and supportive teachers encourage me everyday to work hard and achieve my goals. The academic and life lessons I have learned at St. Catharine’s School I will carry in my heart forever. Thank you.” – Hannah McMillan – 8th Grade